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Sandisk Cruizer Fit nano drive not working AND USB-C external drive disappears...

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This drive works on my other 2 pc's with out a hiccup.  This is my first pre built (non laptop) desktop pc ever!  I have never seen a jump drive not get detected before on any pc!


How come my SanDisk 16GB Cruiser Fit nano USB drive does not want to work?  I hear the Windows 11 sound notification when, I plug it in.  Nothing happens!


Also, i have a Western Digital Black 1TB 2.5" drive in a USB 3.1A external drive casing.  It is connected to the USB-C port on back of the MSI B550-A Pro motherboard.  If left sitting for a while, the drive will just disappear.


What is going on?


Why are the BIOS firmware proprietary?

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  • Corsair Employees

It could perhaps be the port going into power saving mode due to inactivity of the drive.  Have you tried toggling any such power saving feature in the OS you are using?  If on Windows, you can disable USB selective suspend.

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