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Wich Hardware is supported by iCUE


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I have some Corsair devices like 

  • K70 RGB MK.2 Keyboard
  • Nightsword RGB Mouse
  • NEXUS Companion Touchscreen
  • MM800 RGB Polaris
  • Lightning Node Pro

In iCUE I see, that also the sensor data (like temperature or fan speed) of my CPU, GPU and Motherboard can be read out.
This is excellent, but I plan a new PC with a custom water cooling.

Can iCUE read out the data / adjust the RGB of some motherboards?
I saw somewhere a video, where iCUE could also control the RGB of the MB.
What standard must the MB support?

Can iCUE read out the water temp (does it support temp sensors) and the flow speed?
Wich sensors can be used?
Which standard must the sensors support?

Can iCUE also adjust the RGB of fans and RAM?
Which standard must the fans and the RAM support?

Sorry if these questions are "noobish" but I am a beginner.
Thank you for your answers!



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