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Corsair H150 i Elite LCD poor performance and display problems.

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In january i upgraded my CPU cooler from a 240mm rad H100i RGB Platinum cooler to a H150i Elite LCD. Since then i have experienced a general downgrade in cooling performance. While typing this i see my temperatures go all the way from 70C all the way down to 40C with no hidden processes or programs running in the background. This is way higher than what i would experience on my previous cooler with spikes only jumping as far as the high fifties on idle. I also recently experienced an error sign on the LCD display, the display options in ICUE also disappeared for some reson. This is after it had struggled to update the cooler for days.

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Rolling CPU spikes while at idle is indicative of excessive voltage spikes (natural based on settings or not) or improper contact between the CPU and cold plate on the cooler.  It won't be cooler flow/heat dissipation related.  I would check to see where the Vcore peaks at during these 70C spikes as some motherboard auto tuning programs can take you right to edge of voltage tolerances.  If that checks out as normal for your CPU and frequency settings, then it's time to look at the CPU contact.  Power down and remove the CPU block.  If you didn't get good contact with the original pre-applied CPU paste, it will be very clear when you take it off and there is intact sections of the 1st TIM.  


We'll probably need some CPU hardware details to make any sense out of your Vcore numbers.


The LCD behavior is a separate issue and a difficult one for a lot of users.  It is covered by many different threads in both the CUE troubleshooting and hardware sections.  No easy solutions there and it is still a live issue, but that's the place to start once we get the temp issue pinned down.  

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