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NEXUS Companion Touchscreen - Turn Display Off at work


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I have the NEXUS Companion Touchscreen connected to my gaming rig via a keyboard switch.
This switch is not only connected to my gaming rig, but also to my office laptop, so I can use one keyboard (K70 RGB MK.2) and one mouse (Nightsword RGB) with two devices.

At my gaming rig I have iCUE installed, but on my office laptop I am not allowed to install any other application (it is also prohibited by policies, that I  can not install any apps).
So the NEXUS Companion Touchscreen is very useless here (it displays just the Corsair logo).

It would be cool to use the NEXUS Companion Touchscreen without iCUE to start some apps on my laptop.
But I think that this is only possible with iCUE as a host running.
I am looking for a way to turn the display off while I am working (without having to unplug it from the K70 and plug it in again each time I switch to my gaming rig).
So., how can I turn the NEXUS Companion Touchscreen off?

Best regards


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Unfortunately there is no such feature for the Nexus. When the USB that the Nexus is plugged into is being provided power the screen will remain on.

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