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H60 Coolant Change for Radiator - CPU Cooler

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I googled and it said every 12 months do a coolant change, but i would prefer the answer to come from the creators of the product. 

i have has this cooler  for 3 years since April 2019.. and i would like to know the process for changing the coolant?


what do i need to ensure i can seal the connectors again? what coolant do you recommend? should i even bother (if it ain't broke don't fix)


of should i just buy another cooler? preferable Air cooled as i am always worried this will leak onto my PC components ( a possibility at some point and some time)


Love you all ❤️

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AIO coolers such as your H60 are not user serviceable and are not mean to be opened. You are referring to custom water cooling loop maintenance which an AIO is not.

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7 hours ago, stompi3 said:

should i even bother (if it ain't broke don't fix)

When this becomes an issue, you will start to see it as elevated coolant (CPU) temperature at idle, higher than normal under load, and then an extended period of elevated idle temperature after load.  That is the effect of increased coolant temperature when it's not circulating as quickly as it should.  However, be careful as big internal case temperature increases also will produce this effect.  At three years, you should not be expecting this to happen 'any day now'.


As mentioned, you do not want to service an AIO.  It's construction was meant to be one way in several places.  

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