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The last two iCue updates have been pretty bad for me

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I updated iCue a few days ago and did a firmware update to the H150i, which made the intermittent red triangle problem I've had with my H150i LCD screen worse, then I updated it again yesterday, and now my LC100 triangles won't turn on at all despite being recognized by iCue.  Please fix this.  While the LCD screen has gotten the red triangle problem every few days ever since I got it (and therefore might just need to be RMA'd), I've never had a single problem with the LC100's until the update yesterday, at which point they immediately turned off and haven't responded to any troubleshooting steps, which tells me that it's almost certainly a problem with this version of iCue.  Please fix this.

I've been using iCue in one form or another for almost ten years now (ever since Corsair's first RGB mechanical keyboard came out), and it's gone through various phases, but there had always been problems with it up until maybe six months ago, when it finally (for the first time in ten years) appeared pretty stable, except for the aforementioned red triangle problem which might or might not be an iCue issue.  Before then it was kind of infamous in the industry for not working all that great, but I've been very pleased with the improvements... up until this week.  Now it feels like it's moving backwards, and I might have to switch back to an earlier version if it will let me.

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