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Can't re-install iCue4 after drive with install died.

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My iCue was installed on my E: drive which unfortunately died. I have tried to re-install iCue, but the installer just doesn't want to. Even tried iCue 3, same. It still thinks there are some existing files on E, but the drive doesn't exist anymore.

I've removed everything Corsair by hand where I could find, in APPDATA, in the registry, nothing works. Even the "view logs" button on the installer doesn't work, so I can't even see what went wrong. I tried searching for the logs, but I can't find them. 


Any suggestion?

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Did you delete the Corsair folder out of the %ProgramData% folder?

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Yes I did that.

I've actually just found why it wouldn't work. Turns out I had set my TEMP folder to that E drive as well, so the installer was trying to write somewhere that didn't exist. I changed that back to C and it's fine now.


My apologies!

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