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Dark Core Pro SE just stopped working


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So my Dark Core Pro SE just randomly stopped working via wirelessly for no apparent reason. I can plug the mouse into the cable and it works, I can swap the mouse over to blue tooth and it works, but it will no longer work with it's dongle, and yes, it's charged. No updates available, says I'm running the latest, I even forced it to re-update both the dongle and the mouse when I had it plugged in. Had this thing for many many months but I can't get it to talk to the dongle no more. The dongle was plugged into the back of my corsair keyboard, but no matter what usb port I try to use, it refuses to be seen. I pulled out my old Logitech wireless mouse, put fresh batteries in it, and plugged it in and it works, imagine that, maybe corsair needs to take some notes from them?

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