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So my dumb ass spilled water again on my keyboard. Knocked over my water again for btw the 3rd time. This corsair K70 red switches im using is back from the trampstamp generation, and my gut...This time I ********ed it up badly. I thought I had gotten all the water out, dried it up enough I figured, then plugged it in and started to use it. For an hour I troubleshoot issues, figuring I had ruined the keyboard now. By the end of it (After having done everything google brought up including testing it on my laptop) I disconnect and flip over the keyboard, and then...A lot of water comes out from prolly the hole in the PCB by the spacebar. Another 3-4 hours of drying + using my blower that I use to clean my desktop from dust....and voila.

Anyway even through my dumb ass used the keyboard with quit a bit of water in it for an hour before I noticed it survived...

Honestly 10/10. I know the keyboard is getting a bit wonky and old now. But I still love it, it works so damn well, I would honestly just go out and considering buying a new k70 if my old one broke. I recommended this keyboard before in comment sections and so on...And hell yeah its worth every money I paid what 6-7 years ago. Its one of the few things I bought in life that I find I got full value for.

Ill try avoid spilling water from now on through...here's to not 4th time it happens ^^



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