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Issue with SAS HD Drive & SF750


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I'm currently buildling a DIY NAS !   Part of the solution includes a MINI ITX Motherboard, a SF750,  4 SAS Drives and an LSI SAS PCIe card.

I'm not sure of the orgin of the issue, but my SAS drives are not seen at boot time by the LSI controler.
If I put an old 3.5 HD SATA drive instead of a SAS drive, the drive is seen and recognize as expected.

I heared that SAS drive may require more power than a SATA drive ?  Is this the issue.
Is there a difference between the big molex connector and the SATA power connector ?   I'm lost but power issue seems to be a valid reason.
I'm currently using an accessory cable that goes directly from the PSU to the drives  ( there are 3 or 4 connectors in the same cable ) 

I've tested the LSI card, with the SAS drive on another computer  ( with different PowerUnit and power cable ) and it is working as expected !!!

I'm lost !

Thanks for your help


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The manufacturer of your SAS drive will be able to tell you the exact amount of power required for your drives as well as the correct connection method -- MOLEX and SATA connections are not interchangeable, so it's going to need one, or the other.

Please try using the drive without any accessory cable, and only using official Corsair cables that were provided with your SF750 -- that will eliminate the possibility of it being an issue with the cabling, which is the initial suspect here from your description.

Thank you.

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