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Why No K70 RGB PRO With Silent Switches

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Ok so I am looking to replace my K100 with another full sized board that has a detachable USB. The plan is to get the K70 TKL with the OPX switches for gaming, but to have the K70 for work when I am on calls all day long. Because of the calls I want to pick this up with the silent switches, but since they released it the silent version has never been in stock. 

While waiting for the silent version they released the K70 TKL and the K65 Mini both with silent switches and they are both in stock. What gives Corsair?!? Can we please get some stock of the full sized K70 RGB PRO with the silent red switches?

Is there anyone from Corsair here that can shed some light? The chat is useless, as they just tell you that you can be notified when they come back in stock. I am on that list, but I would like to know why all of the other offerings are in stock except this one! Anyone please?

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