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HS75RB headphones, paired with 2 different controllers.


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Can I pair a single pair of headphones with 2 controllers, not playing at the same time? IE my grandson and I will share the headphones on separate Xbox consoles (he's on an S, I'm on the series X).

I assume I can, but don't want to pair with my X yet, in case it screws it up. He's only able to play here occasionally. We don't play together, although we play at the same time, side by side.



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HI Dougiess,

You are not able to pair it to two different systems, you would have to pair it to one or the other.

You would just put the unit is discovery mode if you want to pair it to a different system and same if you want to switch it back.



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Thanks, I figured this out and decided to leave it attached to the Xbox Series S. Now it's frozen and unresponsive so I'm working through (hopefully) the reset! I've posted separately about this.


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