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Fan speed issue with h100i rgb pro xt

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I bought a i7300 pre-built and it came with the above AIO cooler.  My issue is that the fans are capping at 1300 RPM.  As I understand it, the cooler should come with ML120s that go up to 2400RPM.  Am I doing something wrong or did corsair install a run of the mill system fan in place of an ML120?  I'm trying to change the speeds using iCue.  It sees both fans and the pump and lowering RPM seems to work, but they won't go about 1300-1400.

As an aside, can someone point me to a resource to help me ID corsair fans using part numbers?

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Did you set a custom curve in iCUE or are you just using one of the available cooling presets?  For the verification part of your question, do you mean verification through the part number sticker on the fans?  If so, we could have to verify for you.  Otherwise, you can look up the part number on our website with the CO Part number, for example CO-9050040-WW for ML120 PRO 120mm PWM Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan (corsair.com)

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Thanks for the reply.  the fans supplied on the AIO cooler were not ML120s.  They were the same as all the other case fans and I think they are Sp120 elites.  Not good enough for rad cooling so I had to upgrade them.  The fans are marked "31-006459" and "M/N:RWF0051".

I tested them (and the new ones) by setting a fixed % at 100 and various other settings.

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