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Asus Maximus Z690 Hero - Motherboard Temp Sensors?


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Hi Folks,

I've got an Asus Maximus Z690 Hero motherboard, with RGB memory and an H150i Elite LCD.

When I use the plugin on iCue, it lets me set my AIO, but the RGB memory isn't accessible. But Armory Crate can change it. I've seen different ways of addressing this over the years on this board.

When I look at the dashboard, I can see the MoBo's temperatures. But some are zero, so I guess those may be the three or four external sensors which I don't use.

One goes between 0 - 105 deg. C. So that's probably disconnected too. Two are the same temp forever - 36.00 deg. C...but they may ping up one degree for one observation, and then go back to 36.00.

The only one that is showing dynamic temperature is "Temp #2". All the other sensors are labeled like "Temp #1", "Temp #3", etc. I can't see which is the PCH, or the sensor under the CPU, etc.

I'd like to be able to rename "Temp 2" to "MoBo Temp", or "PCH Temp", etc. but there's no way to do that. Then, having renamed it, I'd like to use it as a temp sensor in other parts of iCue.

Also, I have an Nvidia GTX 3090 that does the same thing in iCue. It says "Temp #1" and 2 and 3. But I can't tell which is which...although EVGA's X1 utility seems to tell me which is which. But again, it would be good if I could get iCue to understand what all my sensors are.

Afterall, there are utilities that know what the temp is...like HWInfo, etc. so we should see it in iCue!




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If your RAM is not Corsair, then Corsair CUE will not be able to control the RGB effects.  The Asus plugin allows CUE to access AC MB, 12v, and Asus GPU RGB function only.  If you are using AC to control some other brand of memory, GPU, or 5v headers, you're better off turning the plugin off in CUE settings and using AC for its intended purpose.


Asus boards in particular generate a lot of junk data in CUE.  Supposedly related to the Asus embedded controller and some other programs like AIDA and HWiNFO will flag you about this as well.  Often the garbage data points will sit on the ends of the possible range, like 0C or 216C.  Those are obvious ones to delete.  16C is another common one and duplicates as well.  While you don't necessarily want to run HWiNFO at the same time as CUE, you can if you set HWiNFO not to poll Corsair internal devices, like the Commander Core/H150i Elite, PSU, or other fan controllers.  RGB controllers and peripherals do not matter.  That should allow you to one to one match VRM, PCH, MB temp, etc. to the CUE sensors.  You can rename them by hovering over the thermometer in the small window and it will change to three dots.  Drop down menu will show rename.  I cut mine down to about 3 plus Vcore, but it started at 7-8 and some are deliberate duplicates on the Asus side like CPU package temp.  


The three GPU sensors are the 'relatively' new GPU diode, GPU Memory, and GPU hotspot temps.  This data comes from the driver and what's you will see in most of the other programs like HWiNFO.  You can do a quick match there too, but it will be fairly obvious which is which on 3090.  The EVGA PX1 stuff is different and you will see this in HWiNFO, but CUE does not support the ICX brand specific data for EVGA.

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