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Erroneous Commander Pro sensor temperature

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I have a problem displaying the temperature of one of the sonde of my commander pro which displays more than 600°C

here is the capture



my watercooling is an H150i coupled with 6 fans Corsair Led 120mm

and 5 fans Be Quiet 140mm

Has anyone encountered this problem before?


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I don't have the latest Corsair Icue version installed.
because I can't adjust the speed parameter of all my fans which make a huge noise

I stayed on Corsair Link version

And I have a very stable, quiet and well-cooled system

but I would like to solve this sonde problem

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This is most likely a bad sensor and your other Commander Pro temp sensors seem to be in order.  You can move the sensor end to a different Commander Pro Temp sensor port, but most of the time the sensor end of the wire is either touching something, got pinched, or is otherwise not working as expected.  There should be 4 in the box or if you need more they are inexpensive.  

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Thank you for your response

it is possible to buy the sonde separately?

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you can find them everywhere on amazon and other shops. Any 10k ohms NTC sensor will work, which is what all temperature sensors for PC are.

Just make sure the plug is similar to the Corsair ones. some are thicker and may not fit, even if the hole spacing is the same.

That's the cheapest i could find :



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