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Nexus device out of box half of screen is white washed and email support will not replace

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Good day forum support team, 

I purchased the Nexus as part of a bulk order that is not itemized and for privacy reasons I am not able to disclose the invoice. 

Out of box, half the screen is white washed. I performed the troubleshooting as recommended along with some of my own and this is still an issue. I provided images of the screen and the S/N P/N tags. Support team says they cant replace it without the invoice and will not provide any other options. This is my first Corsair purchase and it's frankly a really bad experience. Request (2005233974) is my ticket. I think anyone putting themselves in my shoes would agree this is not the ideal first impression. 

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Hi Demi,

You can redact the information you wish not to share on the invoice, they just need to be able to confirm your name, order number/date and the product information. This is our policy and our agent is just following the proper procedure. I do apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

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