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4000d ram clearance

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I have a 4000d airflow case and h115i aio. I was wondering if the corsair vengeance rs rgb will fit when i mount the h115i on top of the 4000d airflow

If it doesn't fit, please suggest an alternative rgb ram kit that will fit this configuration


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Hi @Zkiller229,

it's very likely that it won't fit. We either recommend to choose our LPX memory when a cooler with 280mm radiator is used in the top of our 4000D or to choose our 5000D since this case has more room in the top.

Best regards,


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Any 280mm radiator is going to be problematic when top mounted in a 4000 series case. It is the smallest of the series and not meant for the extra width of a 280mm. Even a 240mm top mount requires careful RAM selection and it will be tight. Most users will be front mount any size radiator with this case. 

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