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RGB stops, spikes in CPU usage.

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Hi! I recently built a new system, I got some corsair rgb ram with the motherboard and CPU and thought "Why not set it up and make it look nice!" so I downloaded the software. I LOVE the rain effect, so I decided to go with that. However, the rain effect sometimes pause, the CPU usage spikes to about 6,7-7% and then it goes back down again and the effect keeps continuing. I uninstalled the program, keep in mind this is a few months back, but decided to install the program once again. I still have the same problem, and I have tried searching the forums quite a bit, only to find people having the problem, but no solution from what I have seen. 

I was hoping for someone to be able to give a fix to this, as it kinda sucks having a feature which you cant really use. I have a 5800x CPU, so it shouldn't really be a limitation.


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I found what I might think is a fix? Instead of using the "lightning effects tab", use the hardware lightning one. Close the program and deactivate it in the startup programs in task manager. I have not had a single problem since I did this, but it is sad if you have to force the program to not run to be able to use features, so if anyone else has a different fix, feel free to post it!


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That is most likely CUE getting entangled with another RGB program trying to access the RAM. Your motherboard RGB software is the most common to want to do this, but other programs attempting global control can have the same effect. Are you using Armory Crate?  This type of conflict is less common with Asus, but possible. 

The other thing is if the RAM is your only Corsair CUE product, I would probably use the hardware lighting option regardless. Set CUE not to launch on start up and when you want to change the lighting effect, launch, set, quit. There not much reason to run a resource intensive program to control a device that retains its functionality without it. Some of the other RGB products are more limited in hardware mode, but the RAM does just fine. 

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