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Toasted 2GB Voyager?


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As of about yesterday, my 2 GB voyager shows up as PROLIFIC USB-Flash-Disk USB Device, says that it isn't formatted, and I can't access it. This has been the case on a Compaq, two Dells, and a homegrown with an MSI motherboard.


Is there something I can do about this? Do I need to RMA it? Can I give you more information that will help you diagnose this?


(If I need to RMA it, <a href=http://www.corsairmemory.com/corsair/rma_request.html">this</a> page says I need to get a ticket number from you to submit with my RMA request.)


I'm not worried about any lost data ... I just use it as portable storage, and copy stuff off to and from my PC any time I get near it. So, any kind of horrible thing you want me to do to it is no sweat.


I've attached a jpg of what it looks like in the .. uh ... thing. The thing you double-click on to stop a device? That thing.


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The controller on the USB key has lost its formatting and you will have to replace the drive to regain functionality. Use the POST ID# at the top of the thread as your ticket # for the RMA. Unfortunately you will not get a response with an RMA # until Monday as the RMA department is closed on the weekends.
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