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It's been fun using a Corsair iCUE Elite Capellix H150iElite Capellix, good temps and reasonable noise levels (if you have control of the fans).

I find it sad that I have not seen any support for Linux by anyone from Corsair. The default response of "We do not support Linux" feels backwards these days.

There are projects that are documenting and implementing the proper drivers in Linux (OpenRGB for lights, LiquidCTL for pump and fans, and CKB-Next for keyboards). The thing I've so far not seen is any effort from Corsair to help with these projects.  By "help" I mean releasing documentation of the protocols used by the devices. By doing that publicly (or even just partially publicly)  doesn't mean that Corsair products are officially supported in Linux but it does mean Linux users are more likely to use Corsair products as they know the community is working towards correct hardware specifications.

The people creating and maintaining the Linux drivers are just needing to be sure that the specifications they are working towards are correct (see Unsafe SMBus Corsair Feature for an example of where confidence could be had if the specifications are properly documented.)

Anyone else interested in drivers for Linux?

Would anyone from Corsair be able to release any documentation (publicly or privately) to people working on Linux drivers?

Any word these days if the OEM partners have tried any of the products on Linux?

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