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MP600 2 TB Slow Performance

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I am having serious performance issues with my MP600 2TB.

I've noticed this topic has been around a few times, but most threads are around 2018-2019 with issues after firmware upgrades around versions 11/13.


I am on firmware version 54, and the device demonstrably performed well at purchase, but degraded rapidly since then, and its only been three months!


At purchase, in january this year, the performance benchmarks looked like this;



Today, the same benchmark returns the following;


The corsair toolbox shows the temperature as 38° and well within its lifetime read/write limits.


The various other benchmark tools people have used on this forum are equally disappointing;



I have fast-startup disabled,

Antivirus (including real time protection) disabled

Bitlocker is disabled.

What is going on here?  The drive performance has dropped to almost nothing for write, and certainly less than new for reads in only three months.

The corsair toolbox shows the unit is well within its lifetime specs, and there are no firmware updates available.


Please help me restore the original performance I paid for!



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