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H100 - Cpu is 55 degrees idle and 98 when running games?

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Hi there,

I recently wanted to play more games and thus wanted to overclock my cpu which is an 5930K i7 on an Asus x99 deluxe motherboard. But after checking these temperatures I'm not sure thats possible.

I've never had a good look at my temperatures as much as I do now but I see that my temperature in idle sits around 55 degrees celcius and when I play a game in 1080p I get around 90-95 degrees after some time.

I wanted to know if this is normal since I have an H100 which should be a great cooler? I have just vacuum cleaned the H100 and changed the termal paste and it did drop a bit but only with 5 degrees.

I was wondering if my pump is perhaps broken, I do hear a slight buzz coming from the pump so I think that means its working?

My current room temperature is 18 degrees so not hot in here at all. My case is well ventilated too, it has two front fans.

Here is a picture of the H100.



Hope somebody can help me out,

Many thanks!

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That cooler is going to be years beyond its expected lifespan and warranty, and the high temps are likely due to the age of that cooler. 

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Check the speed of the pomp and if there is hot air coming out of the top of the Radiator 
if you have one of those Molex/Sata to 3-Pin Fan header adapters try connecting the pomp directly to the PSU this way to see if the Mainboard does not provide enough power to it or does not run it at full speed

If that does not work than you might want to look into replacing it
Unless the unit is still in warranty Than I would recommend Contacting Corsair Support for an RMA

Depending on the case you have You might want to look at bigger size AIO's if possible to give you a bit more headroom for overclocking

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