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Corsair One Ethernet jack issues

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I got a new Corsair One a couple of months ago and found the Ethernet jack didn’t work.  I’d get lights when I plugged it in but when I fired up the system it wouldn’t recognize that there was a cable plugged in.  WiFi works fine and I troubleshooted my cable and connection with my old system. So no problem with my actual internet service.

I went through all kinds of steps with Tech Support but couldn’t get it to work.  I eventually sent it back and got a new system.

Same problem with the new one!  At this point I’m thinking I must be doing something wrong.  Is there a driver I need to activate or some setting I need to change?

I’m able to get wired Ethernet through an adapter that plugs into a use 3.0 port but I really don’t think I should use a workaround on a $5k system.



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really sounds like a cable issue.

when you use the USB adapter, the cable dangles straight. When you plug to the One, the cable pulls 90° from the plug. If the crimping is loose, or a wire is snapped, you'll lose connexion.

On your other system, if the wire isn't hanging exactly the same way, it could still work..

Did you try another ethernet cable, even if your current one seems to work?

There shouldn't be any driver issue, these are picked up by windows automatically.


Two dead ethernet ports on two different brand new motherboards would be pretty unlikely. (If it is dead, by all means get a lottery ticket, the fates are with you ^^)


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Thanks for the reply!  I bought a new cable when I first had the problem so I don't think that's the issue.  I'm baffled by it tbh.  Faulty quality control with a bad batch of boards perhaps?



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the only other possibility i have in mind is one i encountered personally, but it happened with a long-ish cable, about 15m.

My internet box was dying and it couldn't drive the signal up to that length. sometimes it worked, most of the time not. Connecting a router close to the modem to drive the cable instead did work, while waiting for a replacement from my ISP.

I don't know what length of cable you have or if your modem has several ethernet ports, but it could be worth changing port if you can, to rule out a potential problem on the other end of that cable.

Do you even have the ethernet link LED lit up on the motherboard port? and the link speed LED is ON too? at what speed if it is lit? (should be on the manual).

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