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K100 Macro recording not working as intended.

Daniel H

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Seems to me that the clients are willfully being ignored. So I might as well raise the issue again. It's been 1 year after the first post I could find about it and 4 months since a detailed explanation of the issue with screenshots was posted with no answer. I won't make a detailed explanation because it is well explained here:



And the problem was reported over a year ago:



I just bought the K100 and am really disappointed that a keyboard of this price have 0 answers regarding this problema so far.

It is still not working as intended. Utilizing the wheel to quick record the macro with the program running should make it record in "Software mode" as stated in the guide that comes with the keyboard. Instead it records in "Hardware mode" as you can clearly see when looking for the macro on the program and finding it was saved in "Hardware Key Assignments" which is "Hardware Mode" instead of it's counter part in  "Software mode", "Key Assignments".

Not very hopeful for any answers but maybe posting it in another section of the forum will result in something, even if it's my post being removed for being in the wrong place.

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