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Do you guys think Corsair will ever launch another line of desktop speakers? I've been using their SP2500 speaker setup for a long time. They finally went out. I swapped to Logitech to get me by when I want speakers instead of my virtuoso headset. But it got me wondering if they will ever do it again. My speakers and my webcam are the only non-corsair peripherals that I use. 

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very unlikely but maybe... lol


With the focus on online gaming, e-sports, most of the products are geared towards multiplayer : headsets.

It's impractical to use speaker and mics unless you have good gear, usually studio grade (which is not necesarely expensive btw) to avoid feedback and other annoyances.

For people who have use for proper speakers, usually "pc speaker" is synonymous with crap sound. Always have been. I mean it gets you by but the best speakers are usually not as good as an average headset in terms of sound quality.

So, either they'd settle for an affordable, crap sounding kit with RGB for the blings, and probably sell quite a few, or go for a good sounding expensive kit... with RGB.. at a loss.. 

I don't know what the market would be, but if they managed to sell rgb light towers and rgb headset holders, i guess they can sell anything really.

When not using headsets, usually a small audio interface is a great solution, because you have a plethora of microphone choices. And once you have discrete line level left and right outputs, you also have a ton of choice in terms of studio monitors in all price ranges that will give you a far superior sound than any PC speaker can.

So, all in all, i'd rather see them make speakers within the Elgato brand than Corsair. But who knows

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