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Corsair h150i elite lcd and rgb stip connectivity setup

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I am looking at getting a new PC and wanted to have the H150i Elite LCD cooler, 6 ML RGB Elite fans (3 of which come with the cooler) and some RGB strips going in a Corsair 4000x case.

However, I'm a bit confused with how the setup would need to be wired up as I know the cooler comes with a Commander core which I can connect all the fans to and the Cooler but then there isn't any connections for the RGB strips to go into. So I thought to use the Commander Core Ext but then I can't connect the LCD connector to the core for power so not sure how this could all be wired up or if it's even possible.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated and I've seen some topics have diagrams made for the wiring setup but not for this particular use case.

Apologies if that has already been asked.

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You are right you can't connect the led strips to the commander core. You need to buy the corsair lightning node pro pack which includes the lightning node pro controller. You simply connect your led strips to the node pro, then need a SATA connector and an USB header to connect the lightning node pro to your computer. Then you will be able to control it from icue. You can not connect the lightnin node pro to the commander core.

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Will there be just 6 fans?  Or 6 + 3 from the cooler for 9?  This may affect your choice of controller and whether you want the strip pack with controller something else. 

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