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K70 Vengeance replacement

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Hi all. I have a Corsair K70 Vengeance (Cherry red switches - not RGB) that I've owned since they first came out. I'm a pounder, so I purchased key damping o-rings to make it a little quieter.

It's the best keyboard I've ever had, but it's time for a replacement. I'm not a gamer, but as a writer and a translator, I type a tremendous amount of words.

I did purchase a Strafe RGB keyboard some time back. It's a good keyboard, but I don't like the key action. It's squishy, kind of like having a sponge under the key. I used it and got accustomed to it, but I never really liked it. Besides, I hate the function key volume control and really missed the rolling volume control as I use it a lot.

That said. I prefer Corsair over any of the others I've tried at the local stores. The Razor, Logitech, HyperX keyboards don't sport the key action of the K70. I hate the clicky keyboards, such as the K60, and although I haven't tried it, the K100 is a little out of my price range.

Without purchasing a refurbished K70 Vengeance, are there any suggestions as to Corsair's other keyboards that have the same key action?



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Hi Apalix,

What "switch" type was on the Strafe RGB, do you know? 

Also, do you potentially want something that has an even lighter keypress, allowing for slightly faster typing in theory? 

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