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3rd NightSword RGB RMA'd

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This is the 3rd NightSword i have RMA'd and I do not know what is up with these Omron Swithces but clearly they are failing. And by failing I mean all of my NightSwords keeps failing in less than one year.

I know switches can fail over time, but 3 mice and less than one year at a time pr mouse sounds fishy to me!

And a fast google search tells me there are two omron types, the japanese and the chinese. I do not know what is installed in my mouse and maybe someone can inform me.


Is there a specific way to know if a mouse is equipped with japanese or chinese omron switches?


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they are all equipped with 20 or "50 million clicks" Omron switches, so you have a guarantee they will fail in 2 or 3 months basically.

There is no solution to it besides soldering your own switches, or getting a mouse with optical switches i guess (like the M65 Ultra). That's not specific to Corsair by the way.

I have a Nightsword, two wired G502 and a wireless G502, i had to change the switches on all of them after a few months

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For everyone else that might not know, DOT NOT PEEL OFF STICKER where you plug the usb in motherboard for RMA purpose. There is a little paper stick on cable with serial number. I took my off for cleaner look and my RMA got denied.

I also tried looking into i cue software before sending it in, and couldn’t find any serial number reference for the mouse.


They will return the mouse back and I have to find better buttons to try and solder on.

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And this is the sticker they were talking about



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