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Need help with fan/lighting setup on new Corsair 680x build

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 Corsair 680x

Three fans that come with case

Three more LL120 RGB

Two more fans  withH100i ELITE 

And the 4  led strips Corsair iCUE Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller, Multicolored 


Can someone help explain the setup of these, the case does include CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO.

Do I need to purchase a Commander Pro?



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I would recommend taking a look at Zotty's pinned post at the top of the forum or found in the link below.


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I didn't see a setup diagram for my case or setup.

But based on looking I am going to assume the 6 fans can be plugged into the commander pro taking 1 channel and the lightstrips in another channel. 

Does the AIO fans not have to plugged into commander Pro?

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The Elite series gear comes with a Commander Core controller.  It is has 6 PWM ports on one side and 6 RGB ports on the other. With 8 fans, that means you need a second RGB and fan speed controller. These are completely separate functions, so they the RGB and PWM wire do not need to be on the same controller. 

For RGB, I would put all the LL fans together on the lighting controller than came with the case or you can use the Lighting Node Pro from the LL multipack. I’m assuming the H100i will be top mount and put the ML-Elite fans on its RGB side, ports 1-2. Be aware these will act like two separate lighting groups and each must be programmed. 

For the PWM side you could offload a few fans to the motherboard, but the best option is to pick up a cheap PWM fan repeater/hub. This is effectively a powered splitter that will use one of the Commander Core control ports and provide the same signal to all fans on the other end. The front 3 fans can go on this and do not need independent control. That leaves 5 fans and 5 available PWM ports. 

The RGB strips can go to channel 1 or 2 on the same lighting node pro as the LL fans. For this specific set up you may want the strips on ch 1 and LL on 2. This will make the RGB sequence strips->LL->ML elite on sequential lighting link effects rather than the strips firing in between the two sets of fans. 

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