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HS80 EQ Only works in Wired Mode.

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So I've seen similar stuff to this posted around, no conclusive answers. 

My EQ works perfectly when my HS80 is plugged up and in wired mode. However when I switch to slipstream wireless, the EQ goes totally flat, and changing the eq settings has 0 effect. 

I've reinstalled everything, drivers, iCUE, etc. I've unplugged, replugged, relinked my slipstream receiver. No idea what's wrong. 

btw sidetone needs increasing smh. 

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What exactly are you plugging the wireless receiver for the headset into? And have you tried running the Windows Audio Troubleshooter through the Windows sound icon in the taskbar. Sounds like a driver conflict and going through the troubleshooter and having it reinstall the drivers should resolve the issue.

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