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K65 RGB Mini Keyboard FN Malfunction

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I don't quite understand what exactly is going on with my keyboard but one day my light for my FN button randomly turned off during gameplay. I have tried resetting my keyboard multiple different ways with no results. Even tried uninstalling my Icue app deleting everything involved with it for a fresh install, now my FN button lights up just fine but still has no function when pushed in. Can someone please help me figure this out, it gets annoying having to leave my game just to adjust my volume.

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Hi there,

If a clean reinstall of iCUE does not resolve the issue, try repairing iCUE.

Before repairing iCUE, delete the “Corsair composite virtual input device” driver.

Open Device Manager.
Select Human Interface Devices.
Right-click Corsair composite virtual input device and select Uninstall device.
Tick the Delete the driver software for this device checkbox, and then click Uninstall.


Rerun the installation file for iCUE and select Repair.
Follow the instructions for repairing iCUE.
Reboot your PC.

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