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Battery won't charge

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My Corsair RGB Wireless SE headset has several issues. First and foremost, the battery will not charge...I received a replacement charge cord from Corsair, which worked for a while, but again the battery won't charge. If I wiggle the charge cord, rarely, but sometimes, it may flash red and start to charge but seconds later will shut off. There seems to have never been a pairing issue, because during those instances of brief charging, I can hear all the normal sounds, my voice, a game playing in the background, and even sound effects from the Stream Deck I use when streaming. The main issues seem to be connectivity for receiving a charge and the battery's ability to hold the charge (I think it needs replacing)

In addition to these two most important issues, my headphones have deteriorated, in that, through normal and careful use, the headphone coverings material has split apart, exposing the foam padding. As well, the  three plastic clips (should be metal) that attach the earpiece to the frame have all snapped, making connectivity of the earpiece all but impossible short of applying a lot of duct tape, which I am loather to do.

Sadly, I contacted a Corsair product support person who nicely informed me that my warranty period had recently expired, and that they would not replace my headset. I had contacted support prior to the warranty period expiration regarding the primary issues, voicing my concerns, but their solution was to only send me a charge cord, instead of offering to send me a replacement headset...I must confess I'm feeling a little ripped off here, which is a shame because when I first brought it home, all shiny and new, in it's elegantly decorated box, with a velvet carrying case for storage of the headset when not in use, and then first tried it, appreciating how great it sounded, true to advertising claims, I expected a lot out of the company and the product...a true premium experience for a true premium price. Reality sucks...

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