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I’ve recently built a new PC with RGB. I have 3 ML120 RGB Fans firm H150i Cappelix AIO coolling and 3 SP120 RGB Fans from Corsair Crystal 570x  PC case. 
How can I make them working together with RGB? They work but 3 Fans SP120 don’t have RGB. 
All Fans are connected to Corsair commander. 
I would like to know whether two different types of Fans can work with RGB together without any problems. 
Thank you 🙂 

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In this case you cannot use the SP-RGB on the same controller as anything else.  They are the original 5v Corsair RGB fans and physically different than all the fans that came after.  They must be on their own controller with only SP-RGB, no ML-RGB, ML-Elite, SP-Pro, SP-Elite, LL, QL or anything else.  All other Corsair RGB fan types somewhat work when mixed together with other types.  The Commander Core from your H150i Elite unit tries to equalize the RGB count, but sequential effects are always going to be look off with different LED counts and nothing will make a center hub LED fan look like a ring LED fan.  


So you have two realistic options here:

1) Continue to use the SP-RGB fans on the push button remote that came with the case.  ML-Elite OEM fans stay on the Commander Core for power and RGB.  This is less than ideal because everything else will be software controlled, except the SP-RGB.  Additionally, the SP-RGB is a DC motor fan, so the PWM only Commander Core can't control their speed either.  You will need to use the MB headers for them.

2) Replace the SP-RGB with any other Corsair RGB type, although there are benefits to sticking with the same design.  The Corsair SP-Elite and ML-Elite (retail) are exact RGB matches with 8 center hub LEDs and will look like the AIO fans.  They are also PWM so everything goes to the Commander Core and everything will be controllable for speed and RGB from one device.  If you really prefer the look of the QL or LL fans, you can do those too and they will work for speed and RGB on the Commander.  However, the special effects the ring fans do will only work on the ring fans.  That means you may often need to set one pattern for the top and one for the front.  That's not very difficult, but understand that mixing LEDs counts usually requires some user tweaking when setting up your lighting profiles.  

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