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Corsair I7300 computer won't post. Red and orange Debug lights flash.

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I've had my computer about a month and now when i turn it on it does not want to post. The red cpu led and the orange memory led come on and flash (ez Debud leds). They alternate between the two. Sometime just the red cpu led comes and stay on. I have removed and reinstalled the ram sticks. I have checked all the power connections. I have cleared the CMOS and reinstalled both the bios and windows. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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When i got the computer I ran Corsair diagnostic program and found no issues. I read some forums and removed and reinstalled the cpu cooler. No change. 

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With the computer off, open the case and remove the RAM sticks (be careful to notice what slots they are in). Reinsert the RAM and close the case. Next there is a clear CMOS button on the back of the motherboard. Hold that down while powering the computer on. Let go of the button after a few seconds.

The computer should boot normally now, but I would go into the bios and disable XMP on your memory. DDR5 is having serious issues and Corsair is seriously slacking in the release of a BIOS to address this. MSI has newer a newer BIOS available that is supposed to address this but we cannot use that on this system. Corsair has this locked down.

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