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Picking between the Commander PRO and Commander Core XT


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Hey everyone.

I have a build list that you can find here. I have 7 LL120 fans and a Corsair AIO. My question is to connect all these fans up, should I be using a Commander PRO or Commander Core XT and why? How many do I need? Do I need splitters etc? Too new to this to know.

Thanks all.

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Go for a Commander Core XT, it has 6 PWM fan headers and 6 RGB headers, it also has a USB header. The Commander Pro only gives you PWM support so you would need to use a LED or a RGB Hub with it, depending on how much space you have in your case for accessories this may not be an option. 

Does the AIO come with fans and a RGB Hub? If it does then that would give the option of a 6 way hub.

I believe the 3 x fan packs come with their own 6 way LED hub so the C.C. XT will let you have 6 fans and either the AIO hub or one of the LED fan hubs will give you the RGB connectivity for the remaining fans. 


I am currently running 13 QL fans, a mix of 140 and 120, with a 360 AIO push/pull, I am using a Commander Pro, a Commander Core (came with the AIO) and a RGB Hub. This accounts for 12 of the fans, the 13th, the rear exhaust, is plugged into the mobo but the LED does not run. I am considering getting a Commander Core XT to replace my Commander Pro.

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You will either need to break the 7 into two groups (6+1, 5+2, 4+3) across two RGB channels or controllers or you will need to find a 3rd party RGB fan splitter.  I am not sure how well the Commander Core/XT do with that because they have individual RGB header control vs the serial path on the other controllers.  If you have 7 LL, you also likely have 2 RGB lighting hubs you need to split the fans into two groups on the same controller (LED ch 1 and 2).  On the XT if you don't use a splitter, you will need a 3rd party adapter to connect it to the one LED port.   That may be the better option compared to a splitter.  


I favor the Commander Pro for custom water cooling, because of the 4 temp probes vs 2, but most users not using custom cooling can get by with 2 temp sensors just fine.  

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