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Corsair One Pro 1Gen upgrade question

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Hello everybody.

I am the proud owner of a Corsair One Pro 1 Gen with the GTX 1080 in it. I am in love with this machine but the 1080 is way outdated now for what I am doing and I would like to upgrade it. I came across some people doing upgrade of it and was super happy to see that it was possible.

I am planning to add more ram, but that is pretty easy, and would like to put a RTX 3060 in it. I guess that I will have to change the PSU to do that. It's the SF400 in it so I guess it's not going to do the job for a 3060.

So my first question is: Can I put a SF600 in it by just removing the previous one, put the new one and connect all the original cables into it, or I will have to redo the whole cables inside? Some people are saying to you need to use the cables that comes with the new unit, but since it's the same brand, same size and all the parts inside will be almost the same, could it be done the easy way?

And my second question: In order to put the new graphic card, I guess that I will have to remove the old one and the cooling system that comes with it and then I will have the room to put the 3060 and it will be cooled the fans then.

Any advice? Will it be a nightmare or it will be fairly straight forward?

Thanks in advance.


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