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Commander Pro 3,888 Custom Presets out of nowhere?!

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Today, I wanted to change the only custom preset I have for my fans run by commander pro and found there are 3,888 custom presets now listed for some reason.

Custom 1 (1) through Custom 1 (3888).  I cannot locate these in the Corsair directories within AppData.  Where are they stored?

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Quit CUE, then try a cut and paste out the App Data/Roaming/Corsair/CUE4/Cooling -> "configurations"  file to the desktop.  When you restart CUE it will create a default fan profile set for any devices.  This seems better than deleting the innumerable aberrations.  Also, if you have exported any of your profiles with the fan information (default option), reimport that profile with 'DIY Cooling' checked.  That should bring those fan curves back.  If successful, trash the garbage old config file.

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