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Corsair Carbide 275Q - Malfunctioning front panel headphone jack

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I have a Corsair Carbide 275Q case, and the headphone jack has stopped working correctly. If I plug my headphones all the way in, only the left side works, so I have to leave it a little bit out in order for both sides to work. I've already tested with other headphones and audio cables to conclude that it is the cases connector fault.

In this situation, I would like to fix it, as the case was bought un July 2021, and I doesn't have any problem, it has been great in every other way.

How could I go about replacing it. I have already seen that it is a separate pcb that has the audio connectors and buttons soldered to it, so I wouldn't mind soldering a new connector if I was able to get one. Another option would be to replace the PCB.

I wouldn't mind either of them or event a different one, but I would like to get my case fixed, as it is practically new and I preffer to be able to plug my headphones on the front.

Thanks in advanced

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I managed to fix my problem, so I will explain here so if there's any chance that someone has the same problem, can fix it.

When starting the summer, I decided to look for replacements, and found that corsair has an online shop where they sell replacements for their cases, and so they do for their cases front panels. I wasn't able to find a front panel when searching for my model, the 275Q, but I saw the panel for the 275R case, which seemed similar. After thinking it for a while, because I didn't know if there was any small difference. There wasn't any, so for 10€ I got the entire front panel replaced. I ordered it on Thursday, and received it on Tuesday, so not bad. The installation was a bit tedious, because as I had manged the cables, I had to take the majority out, and the 24pin took a bit of time to get right for the panel to close.

I would have bought the jack on its own, I didn't mind replacing it by myself, but I cannot complain as their replacement catalog is quite wide and at a reasonable price, to be able to get the front panel for 10€ and so quickly I think is great.

Also, I learned that is best to have the audio cable separate from the PSU cable, as while rerouting everything, I placed both, the front panel audio cable and the PSU 8pin-CPU cable together in the same post with the same post and I could hear a bit of interference, I didn't think that would happen, but separating the cable fixed the issue.


I hope this can help someone who has the same problem.

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