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LCD screen configuration not available in ICue for the H150i Elite

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I've been dealing with some issues off and on with the h150i elite lcd. I recently built my pc back in February and decided that this would be a nice finishing touch for my pc.... Needless to say the LCD screen has been a constant problem. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the ICue software as well as changed the usb port into the motherboard several times. The result as of late has been the same. I'm wondering if this is strictly a firmware issue. Does anyone have any suggestions to resolve this?

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The LCD screen is sometimes quirky. Mine is currently running fine. I have 2 bugs to report. See my post. I just went through an issue where I noticed the screen was intermittently going to the orange triangle. I saw there was a Windows 10 update and so I thought maybe that pending update was the problem. I restarted and updated Windows. After that the screen would not display at all. iCUE showed the ring but not the screen setup. I shut down and restarted. The LCD screen went through its startup GIF but then went blank. Now I was worried. I shut down and turned off the PSU, a Corsair HX1000 and pressed the start button which discharged the residual capacitor charge and some LEDs lit up. I turned on the computer and everything was fine and the screen was functioning normally. Except that I noted that CPU Package temp was surging to 205+ degrees F. That resolved after a minute or 2.  I think there are glitches in iCUE software. Something which is supposed to be a pleasure is no fun if you have to constantly fix it.

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