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ASUS A7N8X-X & Athlon XP 2400


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Hi, I just bought a a MB Asus A7N8X-X and is runnin with a Athlon XP 2400 CPU.

Which PC3200 Ram I should by for this MB/CPU setting??.


I saw that this MB doesnt support dual channel memory.


Im looking for 512 or 1 gigz memory.


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To be honest, it does'nt matter what PC3200 RAM you buy.

The problem is the FSB of the CPU.

There are two Model 8 Thoroughbred's, one with a 266 FSB and one with a 333 FSB.

There is also a Model 10 Thorton with a 266 FSB.


Here's the deal, your CPU is only going to run a 266 or 333 FSB. (depending on the core and model#).

Trying to run the RAM at DDR 400 will cause problems.

The two choices are to underclock the RAM (which the MOBO should do automatically), or try to raise the FSB of the CPU itself. (a 333MHz Barton Core would hit 400 no problem).


Yoyr CPU probably won't hit 400 anyway.

If you want to buy "future proof" RAM then go with the 3200XL's.

If your on a budget then get two sticks of the Value Select that match the FSB of your CPU.

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