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RAM only showing red after waking from a sleep.

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I have a rig with a 32Gb kit of Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM in it. Recently, I've been noticing some issues with the RAM's RGB effects after waking from a sleep. It's only red and will shut off completely when I select "Hardware Lighting" in iCue. 

I was wondering if someone had any solutions or have heard of any issues like this before. I would like to fix it solely because the rad, pump. and 5 fans are on Watercolor Spiral and the RAM is bright red. 

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I found a solution to the issue, but I don't want to overlook anything. 

I figured it was an iCue issue but I also didn't want to throw out the possibility of it being a hardware "alarm." 

Restarting iCue fixes it (it hasn't before) so I wonder if it's just a thing that worked itself out. 

iCue and the RAM are up to date in software/firmware. 

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you really should just turn off the pc would you go away for x amount of time. unless you like heat soak

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