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The speed of the LL120 fans cannot be changed?

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hello on my part I recently bought the Corsair LL120 fans. Commander Core installed Fan connected and the ICUE software started. In the beginning everything went well I could change the colors and change the speed. After a restart, however, I noticed that the "Cooling" tab is gone, which is very strange because I haven't changed anything myself. And now I can no longer control the speed of the fans. How can I "add" it back, so to speak? I thank you in advance

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Make sure you are not running additional monitoring program like HWinfo or AIDA that poll the Corsair components at the same time as CUE. Disappearing UI elements and garbage data are classic signs. You’ll need to quit the other program, then restart the app and all associated services to break the lock. Usually easier to restart the PC. 

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