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Capslock Lighting Effect in iCue: setting a lighting effect for when capslock is turned on or off


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When at work, not knowing when capslock is on or off drives me insane. Nothing like starting a thought then backspacing to FIX THE ALLCAPS YOU DIDN'T MEAN TO YELL and vice versa when filling out forms or doing data entry. Some keyboards offer a speck of light to indicate that capslock is on, which is not enough.

Goal is for two lighting effects: Normal and CAPSLOCK MODE. Toggled by hitting, well, capslock.

Here is how I achieved a capslock lighting effect using iCue and a Corsair K95 RGB Platinum keyboard:

1. Created a normal Work Mode profile. In iCue click on the yellow plus sign to create a new profile. Clicked on lighting effects and added a lighting layer. I went with the Color Shift preset, lighting zone "All", and rather than random colors I have it alternate between two colors taken off the company logo. Result: A slow pulse between two colors. I named it WORK.

2. Created a Capslock Mode profile by clicking on the tiny "edit profile" menu and choosing "copy profile."

3. Switched to the Capslock Mode profile and changed the lighting effect to "Visor" and used a bright red. Even my peripheral vision can see the change and know the mode.

4.  Clicked on "Key Assignments". Assignment Type is "Profile Switching." For Key I chose capslock. Under Profile Switching I chose Work and Capslock Mode. Under General I chose "Switch to Next on the List" and "Loop the List". On Advanced I chose "Retain Original Key Output" as ON. 

5. Then I went back to the Work profile and did the same thing. 




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