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Cooling on H150i Elite LCD - Hysteresis on fan speed?

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When I set a custom cooling setup for my Commander node, it works fine. But it seems to be quite sensitive to temp changes.

So, if I set 30 deg C for 20% fan, and 50 deg C for 60% fan (for example), the CPU package temp spikes from, say from 30 deg C to 60 deg C for a 1/2 second. This causes the fans to surge and get loud, and then get quiet.

On my Asus motherboard, there are options to, basically, "wait for X seconds" to speed up fan, or I think it's like "how many seconds to go from the previous speed to the new speed".

Is there anything on the H150i Elite LCD that I'm able to set for the fans?

And, while we're at it, does everyone set their AIO to be full speed for the pump all the time? I've got mine to adjust due to heat load, but I've read that some folks like to run it at 100% all the time.



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the problem is the sensor you use to control the fans. setting it to package temp doesn't help at all in cooling.

Those spikes of power are absorbed by the water fine without needing to accelerate the fans immediately.

The best sensor to use is H150i temp, aka water temperature.

The fans cool the water, not directly the CPU IHS. As long as the water temp doesn't change, the fans don't need to spin up. It's more efficient, and a LOT quieter. And the very nature of watercooling implies that hysteresis you're after. it takes time for the water to warm up.

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Don’t use cpu temp as the control variable for the radiator fans or case fans. It’s now how the system works and the results will be displeasing no matter how you try and set the curve. As mentioned above, liquid temperature (H150i Elite Temp) is the proper control variable for any water cooling system and the control system was designed for it. That said, coolant temp is related to environmental temp, so if you are sitting in a hot 30C room, the preset curves need to shifted up to reflect your normal idle baseline. 

Corsair AIO units use 2-3 fixed pump speeds and are not temperature adjustable. Most users will pick the one that does not bother them at quiet desktop levels and you are ok to leave it there permanently. In a short length, moderate-low restriction AIO unit, pump speed won’t matter too much unless it’s artificially low. You can move the pump speed around while running a max load test, but I’ll be surprised if you see more than a 1-2C peak difference at the cores between Quiet and Extreme. 

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I'm gonna guess that the "Commander Node" that you speak of is a Commander Pro (there is no "Commander Node"). No, the Commander Pro does not have hysteresis. Nor do most of the AIOs when taken separately. As others have indicated, the CPU temperature isn't the most appropriate temperature to use for liquid cooling of any sort. Changing that will resolve the issue.

In other notes, however, the Commander Core and Commander Core XT do have hysteresis.

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