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Issues with SP RGB Fans?

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Are there known issues with the longevity of the LED's in the SP Fan range?

I have now got 5 failures of the RGB LED's losing a colour. One SP elite120 went out so i replaced it, but now I have noticed 4 others currently in the system (3 elite and 1 pro) with LED failures, some more than one. When you set a static colour it either does not display or displays wrong. So in each of them pure white has multiple LED's with a yellow tinge,  so an issue with the Red LED? When set to Red there is no colour from some of them. 

They are all on a commander Pro, doubt this is the issue? 

What do i do, can these be RMA'd? my HD fans are still mint after many years!

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Contact Corsair Support from the main website or the link at the bottom of the page. The SP-Elite are comparatively new, so we don’t have a multi-year span to assess. However, that is something rarely reported for the 8 LED SP-Pro. The only serial failure complaints involved the QL 34 LED series from a particular manufacturing run.

Regardless, 5 fans burning out LEDs in one go is a lot. In your shoes I might take a look at how the controller is sharing power on the SATA line (with multiple devices or HDDs?) or if your PSU is struggling to maintain a consistent 5v supply. A bit hard to assess without a digital multimeter but if you set fans to 100% white and see the 5v rail reported for the Commander Pro drop to ~4.60 it would stand to reason its not able to keep a steady load. 

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I do have a multi meter so can check. To be honest I never attributed it to that, that's really interesting!

My PC is a bit full to be honest and I have been WFH for the last 2 years so its always on. Saying that one of the fans is from a h150i capellix I only put in Christmas time.

I have 11 120mm Corsair RGB fans (one in a power supply), 4 SSD's, one HDD, 2 AIO's (one on a NZXT bracket for the GPU). 

I'll take it all apart and have a look! 

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