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7000x with 2 AIOs fans orientation

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I'm gonna build in this amazing case tomorrow. I have 1 AIO for CPU and 1 for GPU (not custom loop) my CPU AIO gonna be on top as a exhaust, on front there will be 3x 140mm fans that come with the case as an intake. On the side I want to put GPU AIO and was wandering which orientatio. To put them in. Does anybody have tests with intake and exhaust? Will the exhaust benefit from being right next to front intake or will cause more problems?

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Exhaust.  Surely this is a 3080/Ti or 3090/Ti and that means you will putting at least 350W through that radiator.  If you dump that into the case, the entire case will be same temperature as the GPU waste heat.  In a one radiator system you sometimes can make small gains by using it as intake at the expense of any components just on the other side of it.  However, in dual radiator systems both need to be intake or both need to be exhaust.  One of each is always counterproductive.  This sounds like a Corsair 5000/7000 or O11 XL type case.  You can run side + top exhaust and still get plenty of clean intake air from the front, bottom, or rear.  

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