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Now don't get me wrong I like Corsair and their support sometimes. but every item lately has had to be returned within the first few weeks as faulty. I got a hx1200i PSU that was faulty and needed returning as it would not work with gigabyte z390 motherboard, then i upgraded system and got some of the first edition ddr5 5200 kit. Now that kit turned out to be faulty this took a lot of time and effort to prove that it was the memory as corsair support blamed my CPU and motherboard which it was not. Then now I have had to return a h170i elite lcd cooler as the screen just has red triangle and just will not work so have to take it all out and fit another. Is there very little in quality control or am I the unluckiest person. This may well be the last corsair product buy as it is very time consuming tracing a fault in a system and should not happen at the price point I'm buying at. This needs sorting out corsair.

Moan over and thanks for reading. If Corsair want to talk to me about this feel free. 

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