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Firmware of Corsair virtuoso SE wireless metal can't be update on ICUI Software

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Please, a can't update the firmware of Corsair virtuoso SE wireless metal on ICUI software. It appears that there is no update. But there is, the version that is on the device is 0.17.149 and the dongle is 0.16.80. Could you send me the firmware, please?

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Hi @Fábio Nazareno,

are you referring to the Slipstream Multipoint firmware update? This is only being offered by iCue if other Slipstream compatible products are connected and hence only provides a benefit if other Slipstream compatible devices are being used.

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I bought 2 headphones. The virtuoso SE and the (traditional) pattern. I can't update the firmware of the devices. I was very angry and returned the SE ("special" edition). I'm here with normal Virtuoso and I can't update the firmware through ICUI either. It looks like the company is playing with us. I'm on the fifth day of purchase so how can I return it with 7 days, tomorrow I will return it if I can't update.

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