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Computer blinking Orange

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So basically I thought I should install these 3 Corsair fans and the “Icue Commander Core XT”. So when I got done installing these I could no longer get it to turn on after I flicked back on the battery. It just start to flash A Orange color every 2 or 3 seconds apart. So given I have the Aorus z390 it showed on: the name “Aorus” in the top left, the symbol on the bottom right, and in between the all the slots of ram. I took a look behind the Aorus name and it’s the “cp_led” that keep flashing behind the Aorus. The white light on the GPU indicating it was powered, was also flashing but it was still white. So I removed the battery from the case and kept everything plugged in while taking everything out and trying to see if plugging and replugging might fix it, (it didn’t), so I made sure everything was fully plugged into the motherboard correctly, I did this twice. Then I stopped for a bit and came back and I think I just replugged the 24 pin again hoping it might work and it managed to actually boot up this time after hours of troubleshooting. But I didn’t know how it fixed itself but it was on. I launched up ICue, to check on just the fans. Decided to turn it back off cause it’s all working now. While everything was still attached to the battery and turned off, I put everything back in the case, and closed it up. And tried turn it back on and it’s still doing the same thing, flashing the same lights. I pulled the GPU out,(did nothing). I pulled all my ram sticks out the 2nd and 4th slots and put one in the 1st slot and it also did nothing. I pulled my cpu cooler out as well to get a better look at things, it didn’t change anything. I even tried the battery test with the 24 pin and it’s turned the battery fan on briefly and turned off so it’s working. I Also I replaced the cpu 4 pin connector,(did nothing). I not have a spare 24 pin connector to replace so I don’t know if it’s that or not I really need some help cause I am clueless at this point. 

My specs are

MOTHERBOARD: Aorus z390 Elite

CPU: intel i5-9600K

CPU Cooler: Corsairs A500

GPU: AMD RX 480 

RAM: 2 Vengeance LPX - 16 GB total

Battery: Corsair RM850x

Case: Corsair 4000D Airflow ATX Mid Tower Case




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