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Assigning Word macros to G keys

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I have a Dell Inspiron that I run as a desktop for my copyediting business. It's...adequate. Tonight, I installed Corsair's K55 RGB keyboard as a replacement for a Cloud9 split keyboard to save space on my desk.

I'm stymied. The main reason I bought the K55 was the info said I could assign macros to the G key. However, I'm having trouble assigning them from within Microsoft Word. I don't think this is a Dell problem because the macro keys on the Cloud9 allowed me to assign them to macros in word. How do I assign Word macros to the G keys?

Here's the macro I use the most:

Sub MerriamFetch()
mySite = "https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/"

If Len(Selection) = 1 Then Selection.Expand wdWord
mySubject = Trim(Selection)
mySubject = Replace(mySubject, " ", "+")
mySubject = Replace(mySubject, "&", "%26")
mySubject = Replace(mySubject, ChrW(8217), "'")
ActiveDocument.FollowHyperlink Address:=mySite & mySubject
Selection.Collapse wdCollapseEnd
End Sub

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